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WE EXIST: Beyond the Binary

What if the world told you that you don’t exist?
Gender and Sexuality Studies • Sociology • LGBTQ+ Studies • Sociology of Sport
2018. Director & Producer Andrew Seger. Producer Lauren Lubin.
55 Minutes. Includes Captions.

What if the world told you that you don't exist? For many gender non-conforming individuals this is the reality. WE EXIST: Beyond the Binary is one of the first films to document this growing community living life “beyond the binary” construct of gender, offering a first-hand account of what it is like to exist as other than strictly male or female. Designed with education in mind, WE EXIST features non binary individuals, activists and doctors who all weigh in on subjects ranging from gender binary/social constructs, pronouns, access and safety. It also tells the riveting and deeply personal story of Lauren Lubin: a person in their mid- twenties who identifies as gender neutral. Lauren shares  the emotional, physical, and mental changes and obstacles they face in order to be their authentic self. From abandoning a promising basketball career to a near-death experience in the depths of the rainforest,  to top surgery, Lauren’s journey is one of transformation.  While their story is unique, it also echoes the stories of so many other non-binary people around the world. Featuring non binary activists Tyler Ford, and Kristen Russo, as well as Dr. Anthony Vivasis, the Clinical Director of Medical Services at Callen Lorde Community Health Center and Dr. Charles Garramone, Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon at The Garramone Center.

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Reviews & Quotes

Sandra Song

“So what’s the first step in spreading nonbinary awareness? Get this film and other pertinent educational resources in front of as many people as possible.”

"Covering a lot of ground in a short amount of time, We Exist highlights the differences between sex and gender, explains how gender identity and gender expression overlap but don’t necessarily mean the same thing, and examines the need for community as one explores both/or spaces within "the big cloud of identity.'"

Latonya Pennington

"The discussions that occur between Tyler Ford, Kristen Russo, Dr. Charles Garramone, and Dr. Anthony Vavasis are educational. They serve to not only clear up misconceptions of gender identity, but also to show how much work there needs to be done for non-binary people. Their statements are clear enough that a person trying to do research on non-binary identity or trying to figure out their gender identity could use this film as a resource."

Allison Tate

“Nonbinary identities are rarely made available to people growing up, and are only discovered after adolescence. WeExist is a documentary that fights to change this lack of awareness by elevating nonbinary voices.”

"The documentary is an intimate work that reaches up to the most personal issues that a gender-non-conforming trans person might face and can function as a crucial point of reference, relation and inclusion for non-binary people from all over the world."

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