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Six Stories. Seventeen Years. The Spiritual Journeys of American Millennials.
Religious + Spirituality Studies • Diversity • American Studies • Millennial Studies
2019. Director & Producer Sarah Feinbloom. Producer Alex Regalado.
68 minutes. English.

What happens to your spiritual and religious beliefs over time? Seventeen years after the 2002 documentary WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE? in which six diverse American teenagers shared their spiritual struggles and aspirations, we revisit them to reveal how their beliefs have changed. In this new “before and after” film WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE NOW? a Catholic, Pagan, Jew, Muslim, Lakota and Buddhist offer their deeply personal faith journeys, life challenges, and evolving ideas about higher powers, life purpose, the nature of suffering, religious intolerance and death. They do so against the backdrop of a society in flux and amidst growing religious polarization and disengagement.


Designed to be a stand alone film, WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE NOW? is an invaluable addition to any discussion on religious diversity and millennial spirituality in America.

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Reviews & Quotes

Candace Smith

"Contrasting footage from the original documentary with contemporary interviews highlights the physical and ideological changes in these teens and makes for compelling viewing."

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