Women's Studies • LGBT • Family Studies • Health • Diversity
2013. Director Lizzie Gottlieb. Producers Lizzie Gottlieb, Eden Wurmfeld & Michael Young.
80 Minutes. Transcript Available.


ROMEO ROMEO is an intimate portrait of a modern marriage, following a young lesbian couple – Lexy and Jessica – on their quest to have a baby. As it becomes increasingly clear that getting pregnant will not be simple for them, the film becomes a rigorous documentation of the trials faced privately by over six and a half million American women - gay and straight - who struggle with infertility. After depleting their life savings on sperm and these new reproductive therapies, Lexy and Jessica are forced to get creative as they land in circumstances they never could have imagined. The wonderful outcome surprises all involved. 


For students of Gender & LGBT Studies, ROMEO ROMEO stands at the frontier of documentaries that capture the new realities faced by same sex couples who are actively engaged in building the lives they desire. Inviting the world into their home as well as their doctor's office, Lexi and Jessica deliver to us all an honest portrayal of new families and the new reproductive technologies that help to create them.

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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes...fertility treatments?


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Teaching Sociology

Barbara Prince, Bowling Green State University

"Romeo Romeo is the heart-wrenching and humorous story of Alexis "Lexy" Casano-Antonellis and Jessica Casano-Antonellis as they try to become parents. The documentary starts with video from Lexy and Jessica's wedding and reception, followed by Lexy saying, "We got married. We were so incredible in love. At that moment it seemed like all the hard parts were behind us. It seemed like everything was perfct, but there was one thing missing. I want to have a kid more than I've ever wanted anything else in the whole world." And so begins the journey of Lexy and Jessica as they try to navigate their pathway to becoming parents. Romeo Romeo chronicles the couple's experiencs with fertility treatments, infertility, and "family" in an emotional, amusing, and gripping way that would be relatable to both undergraduate and graduate students alike."

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