30 Minutes  

In English & Spanish with English Subtitles. Captions Available. 


Scroll down for more information on all purchase options

  • Streaming License + DVD

    $459 Blanket License


    Fill out the Streaming License at time of purchase. Your institution is responsible for digitizing the DVD and uploading to your school’s secure server. If your school does not have a server, please contact us

  • Screening License + DVD

    $449 College/University Campus

    $249 Non-Profit & Community with fundraiser* 

    $149 9-12, Non-Profit & Community 


    Includes public performance rights for one campus-wide screening which is free and open to the public. You get to keep the DVD for unlimited classroom and library use. 

  • Educational DVD

    $549 Corporate/For-Profit

    $249 Colleges/Universities

    $99 9-12, Non-Profit & Public Libraries


    Entitles buyers to a DVD with unlimited classroom, staff, library and internal training use only.