We believe independent documentaries are one of the most powerful ways students learn about the world and engage with the most pressing issues of our time. That is why GOOD DOCS champions creative documentaries that promote new ideas, social change, and human rights. As a boutique educational distributor, we facilitate personalized interactions with your film’s core audiences and design customized strategies to help you achieve your outreach goals. We connect GOOD DOCS films and filmmakers with a diverse community of educators, activists and students, to generate dialogue and spread your message. Most importantly, through our national educational sales campaigns we make money for our filmmakers.





GOOD DOCS selects films that are thought-provoking, entertaining, and socially relevant. As filmmakers and activists, we care about your social justice agenda, and select documentaries based on the quality of the filmmaking and the film’s potential for positive social change. Our curated collection highlights labor and civil rights struggles, environmental activism, juvenile justice reform, multicultural visibility, the fight for gender equality and much more. Director Sarah Feinbloom, a documentary filmmaker herself (What Do You Believe?, In Search of the Heart of Chocolate, Earth Water Woman) has been successfully selling her films to the educational market for the past twenty years. She also has a Masters in Education and has taught high school and adult education. Sarah and her team understand the challenges, needs, and ambitions of independent filmmakers like you.





Highlights of GOOD DOCS services include:


  • Finding audiences and allies in K–12 schools, colleges, universities, libraries, museums, research institutes, and advocacy groups.

  • Soliciting educational reviews in librarian and academic journals.

  • Advertising your film through innovative social media approaches.

  • Exposing audiences to the face behind the camera with our filmmaker interview series.

  • Writing supplementary curricular materials for your film.

  • Cultivating stakeholders and target niche audiences to endorse your film.

  • Arranging filmmaker speaking engagements at universities and academic conferences through our GOOD TALKS series.

  • Consulting, grant-writing, crowd-sourcing, and designing social action campaigns (custom add-on services)


Ultimately, we provide you with a unique and holistic distribution experience. If you are interested in partnering with GOOD DOCS, please tell us about your project by emailing us at info@gooddocs.net

What people are saying about GOOD DOCS



“GOOD DOCS breathed new life into our 10-year old dormant documentary. We have a strong revenue stream again from educational buyers. They skillfully guided us through every step, and have a wonderfully collaborative & supportive way of working.”

Laura Gabbert - Director

Sunset Story, No Impact Man, City of Gold



“They have been an indispensable partner with us in the educational market. GOOD DOCS has personally reached out to dozens of institutions and individuals, with a keen eye to the different disciplines that might appreciate my film, and there are many more than I had even imagined.”

Grace Lee - Director

American Revolutionary:The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs



"Good Docs helped to create Campaign Kinship, outreaching Heart of Stone to universities, high schools, synagogues, and museums bringing together Jewish and African American communities to help revitalize and transform urban schools."

Beth Kruvant, Director

Good Footage Productions

Heart of Stone





  • Co-developed Audience Engagement & Outreach Strategy A POLITICAL SAFARI - a mobile cinema voter education African outreach campaign

  • Grant Writing & Consulting, Fundraising Strategy

  • Successful $32,000 Kickstarter Campaign

  • Speaking Engagements at Columbia, Yale, Middlebury & more

  • See more at www.politicalsafari.org



  • Co-developed STRONG! Workshops

  • Grant Writing & Consulting

  • Educational Sales

  • College Speaking Engagements

  • See more at http://strongthefilm.com


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