August 8, 2018

GOOD DOCS sat down with Robin Berghaus to discuss her latest film, STUMPED, about a man who takes on an experimental, extremely risky transplant surgery to replace his arms. Along the way, we also talked about “the Holy Grail” of transplant research, how to balance romance with caregiving, and the life-changing power of scrambled eggs.

We know this film explores Will Lautzeneheiser’s journey through rehab, stand-up comedy and arm transplantation, but...

March 12, 2018

Lisa Klein joins us to discuss her new film, The S-Word, which follows suicide survivors on their inspiring, and at times, tragic, road to regaining their lives. In an intimate discussion, Lisa discusses her own personal experience with this tragedy and shares her advice for the steps we can all take to help our troubled loved ones. She also touches on the importance of mental health care, the relationship between survivorship and the #MeToo movemen...

November 14, 2017

Kristi Jacobson sat down with GOOD DOCS to discuss her inspirations and what led to the making of SOLITARY, her important film that grants unprecedented access into a supermax prison.   

Before we get into the film, let’s start with a broader question: What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

I studied sociology—specifically criminology—in college. I was exposed to the juvenile justice system through an internship, saw its brokenness, a...

April 29, 2017

In our last conversation, Laura Gabbert revealed the inspiration around Sunset Story. We now continue the conversation asking Laura to reflect on filmmaking, documentaries and her next projects.

Do you have any advice for female filmmakers breaking into the industry or in the early stages of their careers?

I don't really know that it would just be for female filmmakers, but I think it’s really important to just get as much experience as you can, and i...

April 25, 2017

Through Irja Lloyd and Lucille Alpert's wit, compassion, and insight, Sunset Story—which is produced by Caroline Libresco & Eden Wurmfeldreveals the complexities and realities of growing old and how to think about aging and death. Here we speak to the Director, Laura Gabbert, as she shares how she formed an unexpected relationship with two of its most outspoken and charming members in this character-driven documentary.

What drew you to this particu...

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