February 28, 2017

In Part 1 of this interview we explored how Cecilia Aldarondo turned the camera on her family for Memories of a Penitent Heart. Read it here. We continue the conversation below.

Can you talk about how your academic background informed your filmmaking process?

I am not trained as a filmmaker, I am trained as a film critic. I have a very interdisciplinary training. I did my PhD in the Department of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature at the...

February 21, 2017

How would you describe Memories of a Penitent Heart?


It is an excavation of the buried conflict in my family around my Uncle Miguel’s death. My Uncle Miguel died when I was very young, only six years old. I barely knew him, but I grew up with this rumors about his death, which as I got older didn’t sit very well with me. I heard these stories: that he was gay; that he had this boyfriend who disappeared when he died; no one knew where he...

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